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Fire & Fury

This is a collection of modifications to Regimental Fire & Fury for gaming this war at the tactical level.

There is a special QRS for this campaign which incorporates several changes:
  • A change of scale (1"=40 yards, 80 men/stand) to reduce the space and miniatures needed.
  • Maneuver and shooting switched to 2d6 to get the moderation of luck inherent in a 2d6 bell curve distribution
  • Melee combat switched to use 1d6 per player, mostly just so there's only one type of die needed for the game
  • New weapons added (Gatling guns, Mitrailleuses, Chassepot)
  • Campaign-specific leader characteristics, to give each general (and a few other folks) more unique personalities in the context of the game.
Many areas of Mexico feature wide open country with few trees, excellent for cavalry, but less so for infantry facing them. As squares were a feature of colonial warfare in open country through much of the 19th C., we will use this semi-official rules supplement for forming squares in RF&F. This should be allowed for any regular troops (e.g., not militia or guerillas).

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Jun 17, 2019, 9:59 PM
I. Craig Nichols,
Mar 7, 2016, 7:07 PM