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Battles for Empire

This page is for modifications necessary to use Battles For Empire II as the tactical rules.

Unit classes. Count all regular units of every faction as "Imperial", including militia units. Only guerillas and indios are "native" troops.

Unit size. Units are variable size, 1 base/100 men. Each base shoots with 1d6 as normal, but units only take 2 hits/base instead of the usual 8 hits total.

Skirmishers. Regular 1st or 2nd class infantry units may put up to half a unit's stands in skirmish order. Stands in skirmish order fight as a separate unit, except that:

  • Skirmishing stands must remain within 6" of the front of the parent unit
  • If the skirmish stands or the parent unit retreat or rout, the skirmish stands are placed as a rear rank behind the parent unit.
  • Putting out or recovering skirmish stands, or reforming a rank of skirmish stands into a regular formation (line, column, square, etc.) requires a formation change for the whole unit.

Regular 3rd class infantry units may not use skirmish formation at all.

Guerrillas and indios on foot always fight in skirmish order, and may not make massed attacks.